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Face to Face: What We Do

Our mission is ending HIV in Sonoma County while supporting the health and well-being of people living with HIV/AIDS.

Since our beginning in 1983, Face to Face has addressed the ever-changing challenges presented by the HIV epidemic in Sonoma County.

To this end, we offer HIV prevention education and services to Sonoma County and we empower clients living with HIV with supportive services including housing assistance, benefits counseling, information, referrals, and transportation. We strengthen our community through outreach, education and HIV policy advocacy on a local and national level.

Our Strategic Plan 2021 and Beyond

“HIV is not over. The inequities that fuel HIV are not over. We have made incredible progress since our start in 1982, but after years of downward trends in new infections, we’re seeing an uptick of new HIV cases, many of whom are late to diagnosis. At face to face, our work is ending HIV in Sonoma County, but we know we cannot defeat HIV, COVID-19, or any other pandemic that is fueled by racism, stigma, and discrimination… “

We invite you to read our strategic plan for more information on how we can work together to overcome these challenges.

Strategic Plan PDF

Click on the image above to view the Strategic Plan


We offer comprehensive support services to people living with HIV disease in Sonoma County. All our services are provided free of charge and are completely confidential.

HIV Testing

Free, Confidential and Anonymous. Due to Covid19 we now offer in-home HIV test kits.


At Face to Face, we see the expanded use of PrEP as the highest priority in preventing new infections.

Syringe Services

SSPs are prevention programs based on harm reduction principles that provide a range of services.

Housing Services

Our evidence-based housing services help our most vulnerable clients secure safe, stable housing.

Prevention & Education

Our prevention and education program aims to reach those who are at highest risk of HIV infection.

Resources & Links

Our list of local resources and links will help you find HIV-related information and support services.

Coronavirus/COVID-19 Update

July 1, 2021 Update

As of July 1 our doors are back open to do HIV Testing, PrEP initiation and  Care Services In-Person by Appointment only. You can call our offices to schedule an appointment at 707-544-1581. We are open Tuesday through Friday 9:00am-4:00pm

We look forward to seeing you Face to Face!

June 8, 2020 Update

As of today we have resumed our Rapid HIV Testing Services. We are following proper guidelines to keep both our staff and clients safe. In order to do this the HIV testing will take place in a covered tent in our back parking area to maintain privacy for you. Please come to our back door and knock so that our prevention team can come out to assist you.

Our HIV Testing Hours are Tuesday-Friday  9:00am-3:00pm

What California Syringe Services Programs are doing amidst COVID-19 pandemic

The Humboldt Area Center for Harm Reduction (HACHR) in Humboldt, California and Face to Face in Santa Rosa, California show us what steps they are taking to adjust their protocol to meet the needs of their clients during the COVID-19 pandemic.

All of us here at Face to Face wish you continued health!

Facts About HIV

In the United States,

  • over 1.1 million people are living with HIV in the US
  • 15% of those people do not know they are HIV-positive
  • 38,500 people become newly infected with HIV
  • 38% of these infections result from individuals who did not know they had HIV

Getting treated prevents the spread of HIV. When an individual with HIV is consistently engaged with antiretroviral therapy and routine medical care and the level of HIV in their body is undetectable, there is very little risk in transmitting the virus sexually.

Only 51% of people living with HIV in the US are virally suppressed. Engaging in medical care and staying in medical care is crucial for remaining undetectable and untransmittable.

Who is most impacted by HIV?

HIV continues to have a disproportionate impact on racial and ethnic minorities and gay and bisexual men and other men who have sex with men (MSM).

According to the CDC, if current HIV diagnoses rates persist

  • 1 in 2 black MSM
  • 1 in 4 Latino MSM
  • 1 in 11 white MSM will be diagnosed with HIV during their lifetime.
  • Teens and young adults (under 35) accounted for 56% of new HIV diagnoses in 2017 (those ages 13-24 accounted for 21% and those ages 25-34 accounted for 35%).
  • The prescription opioid and heroin epidemic has led to increased numbers of people who inject drugs, placing new populations at increased risk for HIV.

This is why prevention education and outreach are so important – so people know they may be at risk can access PrEP and other prevention services to stay that way.

HIV Negative? Great! Stay that way.

Our Goals

  • Finding those who do not know they have HIV.
  • Get them into lifesaving care, and virally supressed.
  • Educate everyone about the risks of getting HIV.
  • Promote regular testing and risk reduction.
  • Talk about HIV. Reduce fear and stigma.

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Face to Face

873 Second Street
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Service hours
9 AM - 4:30 PM


Ongoing Calendar

Rapid HIV Testing
Tuesday to Friday
9:00 A.M. to 4:30 PM

Volunteer Orientation
First Wednesday of Each Month
3:00-4:00 PM

HIV 101
First Thursday of Each Month
4:00-5:00 PM

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